Wisdom of the Grasshopper..


Call me odd if you like, and many have done, but I love wandering along the road with my camera, heading in no particular direction and being stopped in my tracks by something out of the corner of my senses. It can be a flicker of shadow, a swoop of something up above or a noise from the hedgerow, anything.

Some call it a short attention span, or that I am easily distracted and neither description is incorrect, but it doesn’t take much for me to stop and peer in to the darkest recess of a dry stone wall or hedge. And I am so glad that i do, otherwise i wouldn’t have found this chap, just sitting there in a crack in the wall before he jumped out and sat on the strap of my bag. I swear to any divine being that one chooses to apply to salvation, that he was just after a photo session for his portfolio. So, here is a cheer for short attention spans!

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